The Police are There to Help Eruption of Mount Merapi

Indonesian, Magelang, MRN – After the eruption of Mount Merapi which occurred on Saturday (11/3/2023) at 12.12 WIB, volcanic ash left parts of the Magelang Regency’s roads. Among them are the Shaman District, Magelang Regency, which includes Patent, Sengi, Ngargomulyo, Keningar, Sewukan and Mangunsuko Villages as well as Krinjing Village.

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The Magelang Police then moved quickly and responsively to help the community in one of the areas affected by volcanic ash, namely in Ds Krinjing Kec. Shamans, in addition to distributing masks to the community, using an Armored Water Canon (WC) Sat Samapta Polresta Magelang Central Java Regional Police, 1 unit of Firefighters car and 1 unit of PDAM car carried out cleaning the road which was covered in volcanic ash led directly by Kapolresta Magelang Polda Central Java Kombes Pol Ruruh Wicaksono SIK, SH, MH along with 200 joint personnel from the TNI, Polri, Fire Brigade, PDAM and volunteers, on the road to Krinjing Village, Dukun District, Magelang Regency on Sunday (12/3/2023) morning.

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Mount Merapi

The Magelang Police Chief said, “We are focusing on cleaning the road for Krinjing Village which is approximately 4 km long, because the position of the village is only about 5 km from Mount Merapi and is also most affected by volcanic ash with a thickness of ash covering the road of approximately 2 cm, so it is very slippery and can be dangerous.” safety for passing motorists plus flying dust which can interfere with respiratory health as well as eyes,” he said.

“We are here to help people affected by volcanic ash because we see people cleaning roads manually so we are the National Police, the TNI as well as volunteers helping them use water cannons and PDAM equipment as well as the Fire Department to speed up the cleaning process. If it is not cleaned immediately, it is quite dangerous for the people passing by because besides being dusty, it is also quite slippery if not cleaned,” he added.

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Mount Merapi

“Apart from that, we are also distributing masks to the public so they can always wear them and there are 10,000 (ten thousand) masks,” he concluded.

Krinjing Village Secretary Mr. Haryanto said, “We on behalf of the people of Krinjing Village would like to thank Mr. Kapolresta, Mr. Dandim and all levels who have helped us clean up the road which was hit by ash last Saturday, on the initiative of the Kapolresta to clean up the dust, now it is clean and not dusty anymore , reducing the impact of ash on the roads will make people healthier so that the roads they pass will be more comfortable,” he said.

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Mount Merapi

The head of the volunteer OPRB Ds Krinjing, Ari Kenang, said, “We are very grateful to the ranks of the Magelang Police, the Fire Department and other agencies that today have helped clean the road affected by the Mount Merapi eruption with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm, so once again the attention of the Kapolresta is very big once for us because if we don’t water it, of course it will be very dangerous for residents who pass on the road, dust flying on the road is very dangerous for health, we still hope, of course, if there are still aftershocks there will be more ashes, please do this kind of assistance again, “he said.


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