National Tadarus Road Map and Development of “Indonesian Muslim Leadership”

Jakarta, MRN – LPOI Holds National Tadarus event on Saturday (24/3) at Royal Kuningan, Setia Budi, South Jakarta

General Chairperson of LPOI KH Said Aqil Siradj said the loyalty of Islamic organizations to the Government need not be doubted.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, the loyalty and national commitment of Indonesian Islamic organizations to legitimate government and adherence to national regulations cannot be doubted. However, constructive criticism should not be ignored and considered meaningless,” said Said Aqil in his speech at the national ceremony at the Royal Kuningan Hotel, South Jakarta, Saturday (25/3/2023).

The main points of his speech are as follows:

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb, The Honorable Mr. Menkopolhukam

Mr Prof. Dr. H. Mahfud MD

The Honorable Leaders of Islamic Organizations in Indonesia

Indonesian Islamic Union, Al Irsyad al Islamiyah, Al Washliyah, Mathlaul anwar, NWDI, PUI, PITI, HBMI, IKADI, PERTI, Muhammadiyah, LDII, Muslimat NU, Aisiyah, Bakomubin, DDII, MUI, DMI, Al Khoirot, ISMI, ICMI , and Robitoh Alawiyah.


Honorable Resource Persons for “National Tadarus”: Heads of BNPT, BIN, Attorney General’s Office, TNI, Police, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Defense Institute, and Ministry of Religion (Which, God willing, will soon join us all) Happy Invited Guests.

1. Praise be to the presence of Allah SWT, who has bestowed His grace on all of us as a country built by the founding fathers of the Indonesian nation on the basis and principles of Darussalam and based on Mua hadah, as the concept of Rasulullah SAW, in developing the State of Medina (Civilized State). So that Indonesia is still safe until now.

2. The existence of Indonesia as a pluralistic nation with a diversity of ethnicities, cultures, religions, languages, traditions, customs and knowledge treasures of the Archipelago, can be used as a strength to become a role model for learning tolerance, diversity and peace for the nations of the world. So that at the time India became the center of world civilization (center of civilization).

3. The existence of Indonesia as a democratic country with the largest Muslim population in the world, which has a friendly, peaceful, tolerant style of religious life can be used as a capital for Indonesia’s diplomacy to the world, to make Indonesia a source of peaceful and pleasant Islamic reference, so that it can erode and minimize growing Islamophobia. And in time, Indonesia must be able to become a consolidator and communicator for the solidarity of Muslims and Muslim countries throughout the world.

4. Safeguarding and protecting Indonesia’s entire homeland, by safeguarding national sovereignty in all fields, from territorial sovereignty, food and energy sovereignty, currency sovereignty, digital sovereignty, political and legal sovereignty and security, space sovereignty and sovereignty in various other matters is a priority work that must be accelerated by the government and must actively involve the role of all national stakeholders.

5. Stop and fight against all forms of infiltration, engineering and coercion from various parties from within and outside the country, which are clearly detrimental to national interests in all fields, especially in the fields of economy, health, politics, law and security. The state cannot lose to anyone. Likewise, various efforts to realign policy directions and priorities that are contrary to the ideals of Indonesian independence must be expedited, of course while still prioritizing the politeness of a friendly and sovereign nation.

6. Strengthening the Pancasila Ideology into the life of the Indonesian people and Disseminating the Pancasila Ideology and Exporting the Pancasila Ideology to all corners of the world. So that Pancasila is grounded in Indonesia and its echoes and understanding can be accepted or even replicated by other nations. So that Indonesia is able to significantly contribute to world peace and social justice.

7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Now is the time for us to hasten National Consolidation and we reaffirm the National Consensus to knit national unity and integrity. And it’s time for us to increase our awareness of all forms of Threats, Challenges, Disturbances and Obstacles originating from within and outside the country. All social, economic, political, legal, security, cultural, health and educational engineering efforts are urgent to be carried out, so that national stability can be maintained, as well as all efforts that try to undermine national sovereignty can be stopped.


8. All forces of the ummah, religious figures and leaders, as well as Indonesian Islamic organizations, must immediately move to become the vanguard of change and improvement in the country. Changes and improvements in the country must be led and directed so that they are under control. Islamic mass organizations must be sovereign, lead, not just be a complement to the sufferer and the object of toys for the oligarchs and global drivers who are gridi (greedy). Ormas – Islamic organizations must be able to become leaders, not just dealers. Of course this can only be done if all the forces of the ummah, religious leaders and leaders and Islamic mass organizations unite, congregate in the Movement and abandon all differences that trigger divisions. We must rise, unite and move together in one vision “Indonesia that is Baldatun Thoyibatun Warobbun Ghofur”.

9. Justice must be upheld as fairly as possible. Corruption must be eradicated from its roots. Monopoly and Oligarchy practices must be ended immediately. There should be no more “State Organizers” who abuse their power for personal gain and build existence, let alone just for the sake of a position or personal enjoyment and syndicated crimes. State administrators must be willing to serve and provide the best service for the motherland, not exploit and acquire national networks and resources for personal and syndicated crimes. People’s Trust must be restored by carrying out Transparency with Precision. Justice must not be lost by anything and by anyone. Justice for All (Justice for All).

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