Leon Travis Reacted Against Bullying on National Teacher’s Day 2022

Indonesia, MRN – Celebrating National Teacher’s Day 2022, Leon Travis obtains the opportunity for re-sharing to the community.

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By presenting the instruction and his experience related to bullying at Labschool Junior High School ( SMP Labschool) in Pemuda, East Jakarta.

Before transforming into a country singer, Leon recounted his journey as an elementary school teacher for several years in the Cibubur area, East Jakarta.

According to him, teaching is one of the heredity of his mother since she has been a teacher for more than 30 years.

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Leon Travis

School is the next crucial place after the family to build character, academic and social interaction skills. Unfortunately, bullying is more common in the school environment. It could occur while the school’s efforts to prevent bullying did not optimize.“For this reason, when I asked to be one of the sources regarding bullying, I immediately said, I am available!”

“Because this is consequential and a priority, then this is my contribution as a part of the community,” Leon added. In addition, to prevent this bullying, all parties must be involved including parents, schools, and schoolmates.

“All parties have to create a healthy environment and support the mental health of their students,” said Leon.

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Leon Travis

As a guest speaker, Leon said that the seminar participants were really enthusiastic and began to comprehend the importance of the act against bullying. “I see the students at Labschool Junior High School are very harmonious and respect each other. These are Leon Travis’ words about how to deal with bullying.

“We must be brave to say No to bullying, no more victims, immediately talk to parents and teachers at school, since you are not alone! They will help you because we come together against bullying.”

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