Islam phobia in Muslim Majority Countries

Jakarta, MRN – March 24, 2023 ( Duren Tiga House, Pancoran, South Jakarta) Recently, the public was shocked by the circulation of a letter of notification from the President to his subordinates canceling iftar in government agencies numbered R 38/seskab/dkk/03/2023.

The letter caused an uproar in thecommunity because it had regulated religious people and seemed to have a phobia of Islam. People are asking, what is the purpose of the President issuing such a letter of appeal in the midst of an Islamic community that is currently focusing on fasting. Something unethical.

According to Dion Vernandes, chairman of the Millenial Force Volunteers Supporting Anies Baswedan As RI 1 (RAMPAS RI 1), such an appeal is not elegantly issued by a leader of a country. This is because he has entered into regulating the realm of religion which he himself does not have the capacity for in this regard, moreover in this country we are a religious country with reference to precepts 1 namely Belief in One Almighty God. So our country is not a secular country.

Dion Vernandes hopes that such a letter of appeal will be immediately withdrawn and the president apologizes for the incident. I’m sure it was probably the work of the President’s whisperers on his right and left who were irresponsible and tended to be anti-Islam or masked by Islam.

In the future the Ketum of RAMPAS R1 hopes that the President can maintain the comfort of Muslims worshiping and adhering to their beliefs without being disturbed by this. The police must take firm action against people/groups that are anti-Islam without being selective or even selective.

Based on the facts on the ground, the current level of Islamic phobia is getting higher in a country where the majority is Muslim. There are perpetrators who use the jargon of tolerance, gender equality, freedom, human rights and others. This should be of particular concern to the government. Don’t think that we are the majority Muslims but feel we are a minority and tyrannized in our own country.



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