Indonesian Navy Ensures Multilateral Exercise Goes As Planned

Jakarta, MRN – March 20, 2023 The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) is carrying out a readiness test and holding a Tactical Floor Game (TFG) in preparation for an international scale exercise, namely the 2023 Multilateral Naval Exercise Komodo (MNEK), which will involve friendly countries from all corners of the world, held at the Denma Mabesal Multipurpose Building (GOR), Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Monday (20/3).

The TFG activity was led by Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Wakasal) Vice Admiral TNI Ahmadi Heri Purwono attended by key officials from the Headquarters of the Commander in Chief of the Main Command of the Indonesian Navy, Kapusbekangad, Kapuskersin TNI, Director Polairud Polri and officials from the Indonesian Ministry.

Wakasal conveyed on this occasion that MNEK 2023 must be prepared as well as possible and synergize with various parties. “It is planned in detail by all components, so that everything can run well,” said Wakasal.

On the same occasion, Assistant for Operations to the Chief of Naval Staff (Asops Kasal) Rear Admiral TNI Denih Hendrata conveyed the purpose of holding the Tactical Floor Game to see the readiness and responsibility of each part and element involved. “This is the stage to see the responsibilities of each part of the event, from the highest level to the lowest level,” explained Asops Kasal.


Furthermore, Asops Kasal said, the TFG was to test the operation plan with the operational concept that had been planned, avoid mistakes and see deficiencies which were directly tested by Wakasal.

The 2023 MNEK activities are planned to be held in mid-June 2023, in the Makassar region, South Sulawesi, by collaborating with a number of Ministries, Regional Governments, other maritime agencies and institutions. The multilateral event is also being held by the International Maritime Security Symposium (IMSS) which will discuss maritime issues and the International Fleet Review (IFR).

MNEK is an exercise that is held by involving friendly countries on a multilateral scale with non-war training material that prioritizes maritime cooperation in disaster management operations and humanitarian operations to strengthen relations between the Indonesian Navy and friendly countries. MNEK was held to promote regional maritime security stability and also promote peace.

This is in accordance with the emphasis of the Chief of Staff of the Navy (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali, to realize a professional, modern and resilient Navy force in order to achieve high readiness and alertness, especially in handling natural disasters which can and may occur at any time. In ensuring the stability of maritime security in the region, mutually beneficial cooperation is needed with friendly countries that also trust each other.


Source: Naval Information Service.


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