Indian fortune teller predicts the World War III – In a recent Medium post, Indian astrologer Kushal Kumar predicted that the World War III would occur on Tuesday, June 18 2024, calling it the most significant planetary stimulus. However, he also mentioned that June 10 and 29 could potentially be the decisive dates for the war.

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Kumar bases his predictions on Vedic astrology. Of the three days he predicted would be the start of World War III, two days had passed without significant events occurring, namely June 10 and June 18.

Despite his failed predictions, Kushal Kumar recently published another Medium post, mentioning a “predictive warning” that was somehow related to the onset of World War III. He added that June 29 could also be doomsday.

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Published on June 13, the astrologer mentioned a terrorist attack on Hajj pilgrims in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir which resulted in the death of nine people.

He then referred to the escalating conflict between North and South Korea, and other events.

He also pointed to rising tensions between China and Taiwan. At the end of his post on Medium, he wrote, “It can be observed here that predictive warnings for better care and appropriate strategies require careful and serious interpretation of the planet’s impact, while inadvertent human errors cannot be completely ruled out.”

Kaushal Kumar’s medium profile says, “I usually write predictions about a country.”

World War III
Indian astrologer Kushal Kumar


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He has 71 followers. Last month, many publications dubbed Kushal Kumar the “New Nostradamus“, after the French astrologer Nostradamus, who is best known for writing the “prophetic” book Les Propheties.

Apart from that, Russia has also sent warships to Havana and China has conducted exercises off the coast of Taiwan.

Previously, the real Nostradamus predicted that the end of the world would occur on June 10, but this prediction was spurned and was not proven.

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Even this famous French prophet also predicted various bad events that would occur in 2024, including royal chaos, sea battles and the emergence of a new Pope.

However, some people believe that Nostradamus’ predictions about naval battles and red enemies refer to tensions between Taiwan and China.

Meanwhile, the complete story of Kushal Kumar’s prediction contains a series of events which he claims are a sign that the world is heading for a major conflict.


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