Gotene City in Sweden Sells Land for Rp 1,548 per Square Meter – The government of Gotene City, in West Sweden, recently made available 30 plots of land offered at very low prices.

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According to CNN on Wednesday (July 3, 2024), the city of Gotene, located about 200 miles southwest of Stockholm, Sweden.

The government selling 29 plots of land for only one krona per square meter—equivalent to around USD 0.09 or Rp 1,548.87 per square meter.

However, this initiative seems to be limited to official Swedish residents who are required to build a housing unit on the purchased land within two years.

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Failure to meet this condition will result in the land being returned to the city.

“It would be truly remarkable if individuals from abroad express interest in buying land here,” said Mayor of Gotene Johan Mansson.

Mansson stated that constructing a house typically incurs costs ranging from 3 to 4 million SEK, equivalent to approximately USD 280,000 to USD 375,000 and IDR 4.64 billion to IDR 61.95 billion.

A plot of land generally costs around SEK 500,000 or USD 47,000. Additionally, Mansson highlighted that anyone can purchase a plot of land without the requirement of permanent residency in Sweden.


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However, he noted that municipalities might need to review their regulations because owning property does not automatically confer full residential rights; visa regulations are determined by government policy.

In some instances, the total cost for building a house in Sweden can reach up to USD 280,000 – USD 375,000 as exemplified earlier.

Nonetheless, these expenses may vary depending on several aforementioned factors.

Due to extraordinary interest, the Gotene City Government found themselves unable to manage the overwhelming demand and subsequently suspended land sales that had commenced in mid-April 2024.

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“We initiated this campaign in mid-April as a somewhat bold idea, albeit with a touch of humor. It was essentially a marketing operation,” commented Gotene Mayor Johan Mansson to AFP on Monday, July 1st, 2024.

He explained that the offer of affordable land aimed to encourage residential development in sparsely populated areas and support regional growth.

Remarkably, only a few weeks after launching the promotion, Gotene successfully sold three lots. “An astonishing success for such a small community.

However, we could not anticipate what would unfold,” Mansson elucidated.


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