Giant Orangutan Enters the Village

Kutai, MRN – A large orangutan sighting in a residential area in Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan (Kaltim), Indonesia has gone viral on social media.

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The size of the orangutan appears to be as tall as the house next to it.

The Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) of East Kalimantan is currently investigating the appearance of the orangutan.

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The head of BKSDA East Kalimantan, Ari Wibawanto, stated that they are currently tracing the video and have not been able to confirm the location where the video of the orangutan was taken.

Ari Wibawanto also mentioned that the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) team has been searching for the location since yesterday.

This phenomenon indicates that their natural habitat may have become uncomfortable due to rampant illegal logging that damages the forest environment.

Uncontrolled deforestation in East Kalimantan has resulted in the loss of thousands of hectares of forest every year.

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“Alpha orangutans with flanges (cheek pads) likely have a group consisting of females and offspring in the surrounding area. They are usually more aggressive, so there is a possibility that their territory has shrunk, forcing them to enter residential areas,” wrote @natgeoLover.

“Orangutans of that size should be swinging on giant trees. Perhaps their natural habitat is no longer comfortable due to rampant illegal logging,” said @Khoirulqomarudin.

Ari explained that the orangutan shown in the video is an older male orangutan.

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Although it may appear very large at first glance, he believes that this perception may be due to the camera angle, making the orangutan appear larger than usual.

“Look at the video angle; it was recorded from a lower perspective, and we are also unsure of the exact distance to buildings like houses. So, this is mainly due to the camera angle, which was actually done quite well. This creates an impression of a larger size,” he explained.

Furthermore, Ari stated that considering the location of the orangutan entering residential areas or roads is not unusual.


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