Ecuador’s presidential election candidate Fernando Villavicencio has been shot dead

Jakarta, MRN – a candidate elected for the Ecuador presidential (Fernando Villavicencio) election was shot dead during a campaign rally on Wednesday (9/8).

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Fernando Villavicencio, a member of the Ecuadorian nation’s national assembly, was attacked as he was leaving an event in the northern city of Quito on Wednesday.

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A member of his campaign team told local media that Fernando Villavicencio was getting into a car when a man stepped forward and shot Villavicencio in the head. Witnesses said Mr Villavicencio, 59, was shot three times.

The shooting action that occurred also succeeded in leaving the perpetrators dead from gunshot wounds. They added that nine people were injured, including a candidate for assembly and two police officers.

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The recent rise in violent crime, sparked by the growing presence of drug cartels in Ecuador, has been a major issue in this year’s presidential campaign.

Last month, Lasso declared a state of emergency and a curfew in three provinces following a number of killings linked to organized crime.

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As well as security, Mr Villavicencio’s campaign focuses on tackling corruption, a topic he has covered in his previous career as a journalist, and reducing environmental damage. Last week, he said he and his team were threatened by a gang leader with ties to the drug trade.

Mr Villavicencio, who is married and has five children, was one of eight candidates in the first round of elections, although not the front-runner.

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Paying tribute, Mr Villavicencio’s party, Movimiento Construye, shared comments he posted to social media in response to calls to suspend the presidential campaign after Mr Intriago’s death. “Hiding while criminals are killing citizens and officials is an act of cowardice,” he wrote.


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