Aryanto Misel, Indonesian Inventor Invited by Ferrari and Ducati – Aryanto Misel, a man from Lemahabang, Cirebon, has recently attracted significant attention both in Indonesia and abroad due to his remarkable invention called “Nikuba.”

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Despite being a junior high school graduate, Aryanto managed to create a groundbreaking device capable of converting water into hydrogen fuel. As a result, he has earned the nickname “Professor Without a Degree.” The term “Nikuba” is an abbreviation derived from the Javanese language, meaning “that is water” in Indonesian.

Aryanto’s invention has not only gained recognition from local authorities but has also piqued the interest of renowned Italian supercar manufacturers Ferrari and Ducati.

They have invited him to Italy to further develop Nikuba for Ferrari’s cars and Ducati’s motorcycles. The 67-year-old inventor has been in discussions with both companies regarding potential international collaborations.

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On June 16, 2023, Aryanto, accompanied by Sumardi and Imanuel Hutapea, two executives from PT Octagon, a company specializing in electric outboard motors, embarked on a visit to Milan, Italy.

During their visit, they were requested to conduct trials of Nikuba in Ferrari cars and Ducati motorcycles. If successful, Nikuba is expected to be utilized as fuel in Ducati motorcycles participating in the MotoGP, making them the only motorcycles powered by water-based fuel.

Despite obtaining an official patent with the registered number DID2022054964 under class 9, Aryanto’s invention received limited attention from the Indonesian government. However, the automotive giants in Europe recognized the value of his creation and expressed interest in further developing it.

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Consequently, Aryanto’s invention holds potential for marketing not only in Africa and Brazil but also as a component in supercars.

Aryanto Misel’s journey from a small town in Indonesia to catching the attention of international automobile manufacturers is a testament to his ingenuity and determination.

His remarkable achievement in developing Nikuba has proven that educational qualifications are not always a barrier to innovation.

As Aryanto continues to explore collaborations with Ferrari and Ducati, the world eagerly awaits the impact of his water-to-hydrogen fuel device on the automotive industry.


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